Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

Loyal customers deserve to be rewarded with discounts on menu items, and any specials you are offering. Text Marketing is the perfect, and economical marketing solution for restaurants to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Incentive: A free item with your order will attract customers instantly.
Weekly Specials: Inform your customer of the Special Chef’s choice of the week.
Events: Notify your customers of any upcoming events.

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Retailers & Store Front

The Retail sector requires an effective massive campaign, which includes direct mail, email or inserts. SMS message marketing is the most effective tool to get messages to consumers.

Exclusive offers.
Inventory clearance sales.
New Products.
Business Location, Direction, and hours of operations.

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Gyms & Fitness Centers

Gym owners need new customers and offer an incentive to keep customers coming back to work out to their facility. In such a competitive market Text marketing is the ideal and easy tool to achieve your goal.

Generate loyalty programs.
Free trial membership offers.
Competitions and interactive polls.
Incentives to have friends join your gym.

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Schools & Universities

Students and parents use their smartphone as an essential communication instrument. Text marketing is the perfect tool allowing you to keep consistent contact with them.

Arrange your student groups.
Organize interactive polls and competitions.
Inform upcoming events, invites, and directions.
Notify cancellations and reminders.

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Doctors & Medical Offices

Very important for Doctors and patients, not to have appointments missed or medications refill forgotten. 1Text2Connect automated service is the perfect tool to remind patients of their upcoming appointments and medication refills. Very helpful for the Medical Industry; an essential reminder feature to maintain a very tight schedule.

Reminder of Medical appointment or cancellations.
Staff notifications - open shift alerts.
SMS keeps accounts receivable on track and sends past due payment reminders.
Yearly patient wellness checkup.

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Spas & Salons

Spa and salon owners could benefit utilizing SMS messaging, as their majority clients are return customers. With this service, your customers will have the option to receive SMS messages, latest sale, and services provided.

Remind customers of upcoming appointments or cancellations.
SMS messages prompt notifications of seasonal facials, massages, or manicure services.
Customers will receive exclusive discounts will Loyalty Rewards.
Run polls, client’s feedback is precious for your business.

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Real Estate

Apply SMS methods, an excellent initiative to home buying and selling. This tool will make possible for Real Estate Agents to send text messages to the potential buyers with relevant property information.

Reach more buyers and sellers.
Forward Property image gallery to the buyer or potential buyer on the property interested by the client.
Create a lead List of customers that could be contacted over and over.
More sales will be close to the agents.

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Car Dealerships

Dealerships use to rely on the media ads to reach out to a majority of potential buyers. Today, customers have shifted to tablets and smartphones.

Send potential customers, information, image galleries, based on the cars they're interested in.
The personal approach is much appealing to clients and will increase the potential of finalizing the sale.
Maintaining a good line of communication will open future sales and referrals.

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Churches & Ministries

Religious organizations often need to inform important or critical messages to their congregation and staff. When time is critical, and details are important, getting in touch by phone or email can be a prolonged process. With our Group Texting Software, reaching your congregation and staff will only take minutes. You will no longer need volunteers to work hours, reaching each member by phone.

Special Request or group prayer chain.
Change of Schedule due to Bad Weather.
Volunteer requests.

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TV & Radio stations

For Radio and TV stations, SMS should be the standard point of communication with their listeners and viewers. Listeners and viewers can communicate with the station staff and DJ by just sending a text message, such as song requests, contest entries, polls, instant win sweepstakes, and more. Text messaging is the perfect way to offer added value to current and potential advertisers as you build on greater goals that will ultimately generate additional profits, revenues and reviews.

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Political Campaigns

SMS text messaging is a potent strategy to a political campaign. Turn your supporters into subscribers, engage the public, organize rallies, recruit volunteers, and ultimately mobilize the vote. Reach out to youngsters within the community to build relationships as you gain their votes, minds and hearts. Stay closely connected with your supporters. All with a simple text!

Invite your supporters to campaign events.
Generate donations.
Send reminders on election day.

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Nonprofits Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations are funded, and depend on their supporters, therefore making it extremely vital, and critical to keep your donors active. With SMS marketing, you can reach your donors via text message. It has been proven that text messages are read faster than email, and without any delay, and consequently help you increase donor’s contributions.

Coordinate live events.
Circulate fundraising blasts.
Allow possible donors/supporters join your mailing list by text.
Send reminders.

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