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What is 1Text2Connect?

Smarter SMS Marketing software that allows you to create effective SMS marketing campaigns easily


With our contact management module, you will be able to manage your professional list of subscribers and groups at any time via your computer or mobile device. Our system allows you to keep track of how your subscribers are signing up for the program; via the store’s kiosk, SMS keyword, web widget or if they were manually added. You are able to quickly search for your subscribers or groups by name, phone number, source of sign-up or group name.


Bulk SMS

With our SMS marketing campaign, you will be able to send bulk SMS text messages to your customers with just a simple text from your mobile device. You have the option to send a bulk message to one or more groups at one time. Reach out to your customers via text with special offers, deals or special events.

SMS Polls

Our system allows your subscribed customers to text-to-vote polls on offers that you have or will have in the future. This information will keep you informed with what your customers want and find attractive.


SMS Loyalty Rewards

Offer SMS "punch card" loyalty rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back.

Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Reminders allow you to schedule appointment and reminders for you and your customers. Don’t let your customers forget another appointment. Only, set it up and let the system remind both you and the customer. This can be done by quickly choosing your contact and setting a scheduled SMS to be sent the day before the appointment date.


Employee Management

With Employee Management, you will be able to review your team’s efforts and reward the best performers or coach the ones that need help. The Employee Management tool contains your employee name, phone, email and the identification code.

Unique Coupon Codes

When providing a Unique Coupon Codes your will be motivating each new subscriber, also when you send an outbound campaign. Another important service we can arrange, and assist you with.


Birthday SMS Wishes

Be the first to wish your customers a happy birthday by easily saving your customers’ birthdays when they subscribe. The system will send them a custom birthday wish of your choice. Reel them back in with a birthday deal or savings.


Once your customers subscribe, you can automatically send them a custom welcome text message. Our scheduling autoresponders work very similar to how email autoresponders work.

Why SMS Marketing?

Smarter SMS Marketing software that allows you to create effective SMS marketing campaigns easily

Faster than Email

90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes. No email SPAM filters.

More Personal than Social

SMS reaches your audience directly in the palms of their hands.

Further Reach than TV

Deliver your SMS instantly to 200+ countries. Superb reach.

Industries We Serve

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars, Retailers, Fitness Centers, Schools & Universities, Doctors & Medical Offices, Spas & Salons, Real Estate Agents, Car Dealerships, Churches & Ministries, TV & Radio Stations, Political Campaigns, Nonprofits Organizations, and much more.

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

Loyal customers deserve to be rewarded with discounts on menu items, and any specials you are offering. Text Marketing is the perfect, and economical marketing solution for restaurants to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Retailers & Store Front

The Retail sector requires an effective massive campaign, which includes direct mail, email or inserts. SMS message marketing is the most effective tool to get messages to consumers.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Gym owners need new customers and offer an incentive to keep customers coming back to work out to their facility. In such a competitive market Text marketing is the ideal and easy tool to achieve your goal.

Schools & Universities

Let's face it. Students and parents at your school are always on their smartphone. Our easy to use text marketing system allows you to keep consistent communication with all of them about class schedules and announcements.

Doctors & Medical Offices

Very important for Doctors and patients, not to have appointments missed or medications refill forgotten. 1Text2Connect automated service is the perfect tool to remind patients of their upcoming appointments and medication refills.

Spas & Salons

Spa and salon owners could benefit utilizing SMS messaging, as their majority clients are return customers. With this service, your customers will have the option to receive SMS messages, latest sale, and services provided.

Real Estate

Apply SMS methods, an excellent initiative to home buying and selling. This tool will make possible for Real Estate Agents to send text messages to the potential buyers with relevant property information.

Car Dealerships

Dealerships use to rely on the media ads to reach out to a majority of potential buyers. Today, customers have shifted to tablets and smartphones.

Churches & Ministries

When time is critical, and details are important, getting in touch by phone or email can be a prolonged process. With our Group Texting Software, reaching your congregation and staff will only take minutes.

TV & Radio Stations

Listeners and viewers can communicate with the station staff and DJ by just sending a text message, such as song requests, contest entries, polls, instant win sweepstakes, and more.

Political Campaigns

SMS text messaging is a potent strategy to a political campaign. Turn your supporters into subscribers, engage the public, organize rallies, recruit volunteers, and ultimately mobilize the vote.

Nonprofits Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations are funded, and depend on their supporters, therefore making it extremely vital, and critical to keep your donors active. With SMS marketing, you can reach your donors via text message.

Looks Great On All Devices You Use Every Day

Marketing professionals may use a more complex tool, but we highly recommend, our intuitive web-based interface, very easy and user-friendly.

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